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Move away from tradition and try the healthy Denova culinary oil range which is naturally produced to retain as much of the natural healthy substances as possible. They are cholesterol free. The raw material is grown in South Africa and we try to ensure that no harmful chemicals or sprays are used that could affect the quality of the oils. Our range consists of: Avocado Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Soy Bean Oil, to enhance your culinary skills and add new exotic flavours to your cooking.


There is still a way you can enjoy exotic tastes in their simplest form, the way nature intended. Our range of fruit juices, in true exotic flavours, are made from locally grown fruit in our area.

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turbo 2000 tx Flying Insect Exterminator

Description A special 22 Watt actinic lamp that attracts flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, wasps, gnats, moths etc, ...) and a genial turbosuction system with axial-radial profile phosphorescent propeller that draws them in and conveys them to a removable drawer where they are trapped and die from dehydration. The drawer is then emptied regularly just as you would do with an ashtray.
Installation and use The machine can be fixed to any flat surface using a small block (recommended height 2 metres from ground level). It is absolutely safe for people.
Use Wherever food is handled, great for butcheries and retails stores…

what people say about us

  • Seafood Wholesalers Botswana

    Richard Frohlich MD Over the years, the team at Cold Feet have assisted us in sourcing new product as well as consolidating loads for our business in Botswana.
    These services have proved invaluable to us, and have help us maintain our leading presence in our domestic market .

  • Pridwin Preparatory School

    Verna Ashford - Bursar When we started catering to our scholars, we needed suppliers who could source product to comply with our very demanding boys needs. Cold Feet helped with all our cheese requirements and also some of the Halal meat required for the school lunches and functions. Service has always been efficient and cost effective for us.

  • Seafood Distributors (SeaFeast)

    Freda Kapp MD Our operation here needed a secure cold store who are able to receive bulk deliveries and pick dispatches on a regular basis. Cold Feet offer us this without the delays involved at the bigger commercial cold stores, and at very competitive rates.